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    Hoping it does. That would be so sweet.
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    Check this thread for magazines:

    Not sure about children's books.

    I'm interested in an Android Tablet - hopefully the next one that Amazon puts out will be more than an enhanced ereader (Not that there's anything wrong with that) LOL
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    Don't count on it. I asked them why I can't sync my Kindle magazines to my Touchpad & this was the reply,


    Currently, periodicals such as newspapers and magazines are only available on Kindle, the Kindle for Andriod app, and the Kindle for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app."

    They are obviously not interested in supporting webOS & I wouldn't count on there being any updates to the Kindle app unless(until?) webOS gets to be a major player. Now that they have their own color tablet out, they will want everyone to buy that and give up on webOS.

    At the bottom of the email they asked if they solved my problem & I checked "no." Then I was sent to a webpage to rate them and explain. I told them it was OK, because we would have the Zinio app shortly & I would cancel my subscriptions to the Kindle versions & subscribe thru Zinio.

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    ..nvm ...
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    Don't count on it.
    Have you tried it? The TouchPad app is a beta version and there is no real support for it.

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