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    Mods, sorry for starting a new thread for this but I think it merits special attention given the amount of complaints about Splashtop scrolling. Maybe you'll disagree and merge it.

    Folks, this is just about the splashtop scrolling 'bug'.

    Basically, the problem is this.

    If you use the popup keyboard in Splashtop, and press a key like "Ctrl", that key remains pressed when you pop the keyboard down again.

    Then, if you do a two finger scroll, the scroll action is modified by the still-pressed (but invisible) Ctrl key, and you get a browser zoom instead of a scroll.

    You may get other odd behaviour if you leave other sticky keys depressed on the on-screen keyboard.

    The fix - unpress the sticky keys before popping down the onscreen keyboard.

    Whether the developers should have made the sticky keys unstick when the keyboard is popped down is probably a matter for debate, but it would have avoided quite a bit of new-user confusion.
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    I can't get 2 finger scrolling working even without using the keyboard. I must be doing something wrong.

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    Sorry this doesn't change anything for me, no keys showing as being pressed and scrolling still problematic.

    I've been playing with it a bit, the optimum way to scroll is to hold your index and second finger together as one and make a swiping motion EXACTLY vertically up or down. The slightest movement to the left or right results in a zoom of a pixel or two that then needs to be fixed by pinching the display. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but attempting to scroll content sideways just doesn't work, it will only do up or down. Having to resize the screen back to the original zoom all the time gets old quickly, a lock zoom button - my kingdom for a lock zoom button.
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    Same deal here, freshly starting Splashtop even without touching the keyboard, and the 2-finger scroll tends to do a combination scroll/zoom, even if I very carefully keep my fingers as parallel as possible.

    It's the only issue I have so far with an otherwise brilliant app.
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    I haven't found the scrolling to be as problematic as others (once I figured it out). It's just slower than grabbing the scroll bar and dragging it.

    The finger placement and direction of movement doesn't have to be as precise as some are trying to make it. I've found that the two biggest keys to scrolling are:

    [tip]1. Activate the window that you want zoom (to do this, tap once anywhere in the window).

    2. Swipe your fingers up or down quickly. If you go slowly, it'll zoom. If you swipe quickly it'll scroll. Play around with the swipe speed till you have it figured out.[/tip]
    I don't even think twice about how I've placed my fingers down on the screen (close together/separated/perfectly even, etc). All that matters is how quickly I move them. Also, once the window is activated, you can scroll from anywhere on the screen. Your fingers don't actually have to be right over the window that you're scrolling. The two-finger swipe action will just scroll whichever window is currently active.

    Note: This is assuming that you don't have any of the keys locked, as per the OP's.
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    I have found just double-tapping the scrollbar and then moving it works best. The function is for drag/drop, but it will grab anything and let you move (such as the scrollbar).

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