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    HP gave me a $50 Palm (yes Palm) Visa App Gift Card, but I cannot make it work.

    This was in appreciation for my threat on the Surreal experience when the HP store would not sell me a keyboard (

    Anyway, they sent me a Visa Card, but I believe I am getting stuck on the address. Maybe there were instructions with the card, but they are long lost.

    Anybody have experience with one of these - it is Scotiabank Visa

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    Go to the website on the card, and register it first. Then enter your information in the catalog. I've used both Visa & MC prepaid cards with no issues.
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    Is it the Canadian version or the US version?

    PM me a picture of the card (with blurred out numbers obviously) and I'll get you the correct billing address to use.

    Those cards are setup so only the proper billing address will work or it won't authorize.
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