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    libraries now support the kindle format for some ebooks. However I don't think everything works as it should. On my pc w7 64 I go to and log into overdrive. I can then add a book to cart and checkout. Then it says get for kindle and I am taken to says the book will download to my touchpad. However when I start the kindle app and after it syncs no book appears in the kindle app.

    also I tried getting a kindle library book on my tp but that does not work either - the amazon site asks me to buy the book in this case.

    any one having success with library kindle books?
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    it worked for me. I checked out a book yesterday & it synced to my Kindle app on the TP. After you check out on your libraries website it should take you to the same book on Amazon's website, and instead of buy, it should say library book. Once you log into amazon & click the library button it should be sent to your device; at least that's how it worked for me yesterday.
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    I checked out 4 books and not one appeared. I first checked out one on the tp and then when i went to amazon, i only had the option to buy. But on W7 i can go through all the steps and it says the book will delivered wirelessly when i sync but so far no joy.
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    I borrowed a book from my library last night just as Smartfah described. Perhaps registering then re registering your Kindle would help.
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    The Kindle app will handle only one book at a time. Any others won't be transfered.
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    Not sure what Kwas meant; the Kindle app works fine with multiple books. I did, though, have a minor issue with library books: after checking out from OverDrive, I was sent to the Amazon page, and selected the option to deliver the book to my TouchPad. It confirmed that, but the book didn't come. I had to go back to the "Manage My Kindle" page on Amazon, find the book and again select the option to download to my TouchPad. Only then did it show up, perfectly readable. {Jonathan}
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    I had a book in the kindle app that I wasn't reading then got one from the library, went to Amazon and clicked "Send to my touchpad". I couldn't see it anywhere in the Kindle app. I then deleted the existing book and the library/Amazon suddenly appeared. I surmised that it could only handle one book at a time. Where did you find multiple books at?

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