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    It's me again, with another Symbian-like request that I found pretty useful... Whenever I launched the browser, Symbian always gave me the option to connect through the access point of my choice (though a little pop-up menu). There, I could select 3G, WiFi or other methods.

    I find it useful to be asked about this because I could be on the street, launch the browser and select WiFi. If my home access point was available, I would just select it from the pop-up list. If other WiFi access points were available, they would be listed --with the accompanying locked or not icon. This is particularly useful if you are near a Starbucks, where access is free. If no viable WiFi access point was available, I would just select 3G.

    Unless there is a setting out there that I am unaware of, I think it would be beneficial to be asked how to connect to the Internet.

    Again, that's that.
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    16GB and 32GB versions are wifi only...

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