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    Hello all!

    Without further ado, I present to you IORemote!

    What is it?
    IORemote is a frontend to a combination of applications. It acts as an easy GUI to interface with Xorg and Rdesktop.

    What features does it have?
    IORemote allows you to save connections and easily connect to them with just two taps.
    In the future, support for VNC servers will be added also allowing you to connect to your favorite VNC box with ease.

    When will it be done?
    When it's done.
    However, I am working as fast as possible to get this app done, since it's a major problem for me to not have a working remote desktop solution on my touchpad. Rest assured, this app will be finished in a hurry.

    Will it cook my lunch?
    No, not unless by 'lunch' you mean "make -j 32 bacon", and the process resides somewhere other than your touchpad

    How much will it cost?
    This app will be free and open source.
    It would be a very rude thing of me to do if I were to ask you to purchase this app from me, when most of the functionality of this app is provided by free and open source software XSDL and Rdesktop. However, that said....

    How can I donate?
    Donations aren't expected of anyone, but they sure do help motivate me to continue writing apps or supporting bugs in the long run. I don't code for the money, I do it for the fun of it-- all in the hope that someone will find my software useful.
    Although, if you do wish to donate, just click the donate button below. Any amount is fine and appreciated!


    You'll have to point the script source in the index.html to your enyo location and test this in a browser, since it's not an installable webOS package yet...
    Please note, this version DOES NOT make connections yet, it is merely a release for developers to critique my work...
    Source Code
    Full source code is available here:
    For this first super-alpha release, please let me know what you think of it, or any improvements that can be made.

    Thanks for stopping by!
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    Just sent you a few motivation bucks, looks good so far.
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    TP only or will it work on the pre3, etc? Can't wait to try it.

    Edit: Hmm, can't seem to download. The page the link points to counts down from 10, reloads, counts down from 10 again, repeat, repeat.
    Jim Altman
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaltman View Post
    TP only or will it work on the pre3, etc? Can't wait to try it.

    Edit: Hmm, can't seem to download. The page the link points to counts down from 10, reloads, counts down from 10 again, repeat, repeat.
    Worked for me.
    You should check if a browser setting or extension might explain your problem.
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    Thaaaaaaannnnnkkkkkkk you!
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    I should have a proof of concept version done tonight-- it should at least launch Xecutah's Xserver and the optware version of Rdesktop.

    There's still a few things left before public release:
    * Link Rdesktop with the native webOS libraries, so no need for optware
    * Figure out keyboard show/hide mechanism. I'm thinking a gesture should work, or possibly a hardware button like Volume or something.
    * Package app for release

    After I hit any milestones with my code, I'll post the source back here for y'all to critique or improve. Ideas are welcome!
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    Good Job.

    Very Nice!
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    I am so thankful you are including VNC support. RDP is just not the solution in a number of cases.
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    I'm in contact with rwhitby right now about getting support for this app added to Xecutah's whitelist so we can automatically start Xserver and launch rdesktop using Xecutah's service module.

    Good things are around the corner!
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    Very nice work! Will this work on Pre 3? or Web OS 2.x?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morpheus20 View Post
    Very nice work! Will this work on Pre 3? or Web OS 2.x?
    It's Enyo, so no.

    (Which is why I always write my stuff in Mojo)

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    This is, by far, the most excited I've ever been for a piece of software that wasn't a game! Great job so far man. You're so close. Keep up the awesome work!
    Long live webOS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morpheus20 View Post
    Very nice work! Will this work on Pre 3? or Web OS 2.x?
    If there's enough demand, I'll put together a Mojo version too.
    I wrote this in Enyo since I really wanted to use some of the new controls that Enyo gives (panes, swipable lists, etc).
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    I like the design so far, great job. I wouldn't change it to mojo.

    -- Sent from my HP TouchPad using Communities
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    Quick update for y'all:

    I'm currently stuck in a holding pattern until we finish a companion app that acts as a proxy between this app and the linux commandline. When the companion app is done, it'll allow this app (or any app that needs to) to request superuser privileges to start a console app (in our case, rdesktop).

    Once "SuDoh" is done, it'll be a simple matter of packaging this up and pushing it to preware. The app has been tested to work in all GUI aspects, now I just need to integrate it with SuDoh and Rdesktop. ETA: 1 week.
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    So ... no VNC support yet? I am willing to test an alpha if you have anything.
    I have little use for RDP but a great deal for VNC.
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    Damn this is moving along fast. I can't freakin' wait! I'll finally be able to work in AD while still at the user's desk.
    Long live webOS!
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    Any developpement on this super new apps ?
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    Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for developing this. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I'm not really even close to a developer so i'm anxiously awaiting it getting to a point that it hits preware.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work.
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    Just want to express my appreciation to your work on this project. Although Splashtop can remote into a computer, but that requires user to install a "streamer" (server program) on the computer. I have been looking for an application that can utilized the existing MS Remote Desktop protocol with additional installation on the computer. Mush like the "PocketCloud" on Android.

    I look forward to your application
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