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    I tried to contact Spotify, but they wouldn't help me because technically spotify isn't realeased in the US (lame Spotify). I have a weird problem where after a bit of time it gets stuck in offline mode and I can't stream music anymore. Anything I have saved offline still works. It looks like it tries to connect, the top turns green and the songs are blurred out, but when I try and play them nothing happens. Uninstalling it and reinstalling it seems to fix the problem, but then I lose all the songs I saved offline so it is really annoying. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thanks a lot!
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    Nobody else uses spotify or is this board just dead? Its gotten even worse now. I can pretty much only listen to my starred songs and I can't play any music whether or not I stream it or try to save it to offline.

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    I experienced the "offline" problem a few days ago while onboard a commuter train. The 3G signal did not appear to be able to sustain an uninterrupted streaming session. This problem does not occur when I use a wifi connection. However, I have an entirely different kind of problem on wifi - I cannot play more than one song at a time from a playlist. Playlists that work fine on the Windows desktop app only manage to play through one song before stopping on the webOS app. I just signed up for a premium subscription to do streaming on mobile devices, but I'm going to cancel if I cannot get my playlists to function properly.
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    I frequently have this problem, and have to switch between wifi/3g to get it running again. It's very annoying. I would advise you to post one of the getsatisfaction threads for Spotify.

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    I tried to contact Spotify, but since the app isn't officially released in the us they won't offer any support. Ill have to try switching between WiFi and 3g and see if that works. @usskaos1- I didnt even know you should use the app without a premium subscription. That should fix all of your problems. Let me know, this is most used/desired app to work properly so I want to keep this thread going and see if anyone has other problems or fixes.
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    That doesn't make any sense. If it's not "officially" released in the US, why is it in the US app catalog with their name on it?
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    I don't know it didn't make sense to me either. My latest issue has been trying to sync music for offline playing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, some music will save to, sometimes it won't. This app seriously has the most sporadic service I have ever seen. I have been trying to figure out what makes some music able to save offline and some not too. I have tried syncing it from the desktop and just my phone and I still haven't found a viable solution. I just downloaded splashtop though so I might just end up teethering my touchpad to pre 2. It still is disappointing though.

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