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    Why haven't HP developed or bundled a decent ereader with the touchpad?
    Kindle app doesn't work(uk), preader is rubbish, is it so hard? On my android tablet I use Aldiko, a fantastic reader. Reading ebooks is one of the reasons I use a tablet. If a decent reader doesn't appear soon, looks like my touchpad is going on ebay. Shame, its a forking bit of kit.
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    Personally I find PReader quite easy to use, much easier to get to grips with than Aldiko was and it opens loads of different file types. What is it you have a problem with?
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    Its buggy, doesnt swipe, can't pinch n zoom, its just not the quality that you would expect from a company like HP. Relying on third party/homebrew developers to be the only way to get a decent ereader is pretty dismal.
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    With preader my books don't have paragraphs. I went back to using my sony ereader.

    I don't think a tablets a great ereader, too heavy and I don't like the backlighting.
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    Try the new Kindle side app in Prepare. It works great allowing you to load your own books into the Kindle app.
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    I'm going to end up using the Kindle app. But one thing I notice compared to the iPad is the next appears more grainy. I only notice it when I'm reading but it is kind of annoying.
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    Got the Kindle app working!! Using it with the side loading app, then had to reboot ( I know....I should always read the help files!). Works a treat. Touchpad is a georgous machine, ebay can wait!!
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    If you'd like to give pReader another try, there's a new version besides the one in the App Catalog. The one in the Catalog is the older, much slower SDK version. pReader native is based on the PDK & is MUCH faster. To get it, go to the official support thread here: and download it from the first post.

    To make sure your text looks right, before you import any books, go to Preferences / Test Display and set the DEF ENCODING to UTF-8. Take a good look through the preferences - there's a lot, making pReader very customizable. Also read the Help from the app menu. I think you might have a good experience with the new version. We're over at the thread if you have any questions
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    Quote Originally Posted by allowingtoo View Post
    Maybe so, probably so, but I like the multi-format support & supporting a homebrew developer rather than a half-baked commercial product that requires hacks to sideload. My opinion, YMMV

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