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    All kindle devices are now public library compatible and I downloaded a book to my touchpad today. Pretty neat but now Amazon needs to fix the white screening introduced after the last update. Now I'll use my Sony ereader even less frequently.
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    I was wondering if this feature would work on the TouchPad. I'm glad it does. I've been downloading a bunch of free kindle e-books. Now I'll be enjoying other good books from the library as well.
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    I've not had time to check on this so did you download books via the Kindle app or did you have to transfer it over via USB. I ask as my wife has a Nook and I have to transfer her library books over via USB.

    It'd be great to just download straight the the TP without having to go through my desktop.

    I found this .

    I went to and used the Zip Code locator, opened the library's website, found a book and chose the Kindle version. I then proceeded through the check out process which included a stop at

    After that, I went to my Kindle app and my book was there after syncing. Too cool.
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    Once I selected a book from Overdrive, the checkout process to appearing on the TP took under a minute for me.
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    Works like a I just have to read it within the allotted time...that was one benefit to having to convert using Calibre! Oh well, at least it's now easy for those that do it!

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