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    not sure if this is the right place to post, mod please move if it's wrong.

    I have a Touchstone to dock my TouchPad. Previously, I installed the 'auto exhibition' patch to automatically start the exhibition whenever i put my TP on the TS.

    After a full erase (reset > full erase, without uninstalling all the patches) I find that the exhibition will only come on awhile later, say 30sec. Is this normal? I have the impression it will come on almost immediate once i dock the tablet.
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    Exhibition will come on immediately if the tablet is off when you dock it. If it's already on when you place it on the dock, you either need to press the power button to turn it off and send it into Exhibition mode or it will do so automatically after your screen times out if you aren't actively interacting with it.

    The "Autostart Exhibition" patch (which I wrote) is meant for people who use the "Exhibition" preferences app to start into Exhibition mode without having a Touchstone dock.

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