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    I am searching for a media player that wil simply play my mp3's, organized by the folder they are in. Hence, the folders contain the contents of my playlist.

    Media players that search by genre, album. Title dont work for me because a lot of times those are all the same. For example, i may have several audio books where each chapter is its own mp3, and where album = 'audio book', irrespective of what book it is actually from.

    I had purchased a media player that worked great with my old Treo, treating files in the same folder as components of the same playlist.

    Anyone know of anything for my Pre2 that will address my reqts?
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    I did a Google search and found this application that creates M3U files in each folder (you drag the parent folder into the application and it creates M3U files in each sub-folder): CreateM3U

    I tried it out and it seems to work well. So once you let it create the M3U files, all your folders would show up as playlists in your music app of choice. And of course I'd suggest using my app called Music Player (Remix). It has a ton of features, but one in particular would be helpful for you. It automatically keeps track of the last played song and time position in each synced playlist. So if you were listening to an audio book within a folder, you could listen to some music, then come back and restore your position without having to remember to save a bookmark (but you can save manual bookmarks too).
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    I should have an updated phone version of Audiophile out sometime next week. It supports play by folder. It also supports speed control, which is helpful for Audio books. If you can't wait for that, then Dan's suggestion is your only option.

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