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    This maybe the wrong place to post this but here we go. Yesterday it was discovered Overdrive and Amazon had started beta testing eBooks in Seattle. It appears it has has moved to Arlington, VA as well. I don't have a library card to test with but if you go toArlington Public Library Downloadable Digital Media Collection and click a book it shows an option to check out the Kindle version. I've been waiting for this for a while and wanted to share. Probably going to head over there today post work. This may be related to Overdrives travelling eBook bus going around the East coast at the moment. If anyone in Arlington has a card and can test that would be great.


    Finished this post and went to Engadget... guess it went nation wide. regardless Awesome.
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    Very excited about this service. I dont have my Touchpad with me right now. Can someone please confirm if it work on the TP.
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    Yep, its there.

    I had to pick the book from the library ebooks and put it on a list.

    Then I checked into the library website and went to my ebook list and checked out the book.
    I picked Kindle edition and got sent to Amazon website to log in. I then picked my TouchPad account and the book was sent there.

    I opened the Kindle app on the TouchPad and the book was listed on my bookshelf and it downloaded when I pressed it.
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    Works great on the TP, although I will still do most of my reading on my Nook. I really prefer reading an e-ink screen (easier on my eyes) and the Nook is much lighter to hold. It is nice to have the option.
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    Eager to try this when I track down my library card. :-P

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    Yep just logged into Overdrive with my library credentials, put it into my Overdrive shopping card and checked out. It in turn opened my computer browser to Amazon with a check out library book link which in turn synced to my TouchPad with no issues. Only thing that I thought I saw on another device was a how many days left flag and a way to return it prior to the expire date.
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    perfect timing too since i'm going on a trip in two weeks

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