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    I came across this blog post that claims opera can be put on Pixi's and Pre's. Since most of the folx here are WAY smarter than I, 1 can this really be done, and 2 if so, can it be done on the touchpad also?

    Install Opera Mini on WebOS by a Java Virtual Machine emulator
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    yes, but don't bother. It's not worth the effort. Very limited control of the browser and minimal functionality to it.

    Until we get a decent java runtime environment, this isn't much use.

    It's not very hard, but it is moderately annoying having to type stuff in a console using the tiny virtual java emulation keyboard.
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    Mini is horrible anyway, Mobile is what we need but I don't think anyone is working on porting it.
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    I put it on my HP Pre 3 webOS ver 2.2.4 and the app fails to recognize the jad and jar no matter where I put them ...does anyone know what path to use to get them "seen" ??
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    maybe you can add your comments to the 'official' request topic Opera for webOS (Palm Pre, Pixi, Veer, Pre 3, Touchpad, Pre 2, etc) - Mobile wish-list - Opera Community

    or their twitter Twitter
    here is another i found!/ODevRel

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