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    Just a quick update: we did find an issue with RSS and Twitter widgets that could cause performance issues after running Flixi for a long time. Going to release an update shortly, will try to incorporate some suggestions from this thread.
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    I bought the app from the HP app store and also left a rating (and wrote about the performance issues).
    Running the app for a short period of time has very little effect on the performance of the TP; however, running it for over 8 hrs (overnight) straight while it's charging on the touchstone I encountered performance problems where all apps become unresponsive and requires a reboot. Hopefully the next update fixes this.
    Is it possible to include an auto dim within the app to reduce brightness while it's on the touchstone?
    Also, it would be nice to be able to adjust the font size of the RSS/twitter feeds.
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    a method to deal with screen burn would be good. Not sure what, but screen elements that are fairly static e.g. Clock, weather etc need some animation or something to prevent screen burn.
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    I would also like a promo code since I have been testing other exhibition apps and would like to see how this compares.
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    1. The weather feed is spotty. You have to get lucky to find a zip code around you that will work.

    2. Consider allowing the source of the weather feed to be selected from one of several sources (E.g., Yahoo, MSN,, etc.)

    3. Allow several days of weather to be shown (see, windows 7 widget "Weather Center" for an excellent example of how Flixi could approach this)

    4. More than 1 clock style would be really nice.

    5. An HTC home style widget would be nice. There's a free Win7 applet that shows how one developer approached it. You could even implement other common styles such as Metro.

    6. Flixi is not setting itself in Exhibition as one of the options. You have to launch Exhibition and specifically check Flixi to have it run when docked in the Touchstone.

    I'm running lots of homebrew patches and the F15C kernel and will let you know if I run into the slowdown issue.
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    I'd definitely test this app and give proper debugging feedback if I could get a promo code. Thanks!

    This app does look interesting!
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    This app looks very nice. Many people proposed to test the current features for a promo code so I have to propose something different.
    I think it would be very nice to have another widget: market data. I tweaked windows 7 sidebar gadgets to have market data across several asset classes (foreign currencies, equities, commodities) and several international markets (US, Europe, Asia) and could definitely help. PM me if you're interested.
    I support PalmOS - ooops - WebOS developper so I will let the developer assess if my contribution has been useful or not. But I definitely hope that a market data widget will be considered!
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    Hi Sergey,

    does the app let you show & automatically refresh pictures from a private (after logging with username & password save in the app) flow from Flickr / Picasa/ other rss feeds/Synology photostation ?

    I'd like to upload pictures to a website privately that my family would automatically see in Exhibition mode

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    Have the performance issues been addressed when left on the touchstone for more than 8 hours. I'd like to buy this but i see the newest version is 1.2.4 from sept 29th.
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