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    I know the cyanogen guys are working on a dual boot solution, but I really like webOS and would prefer to stay in that environment. Is there a way to create player (ala Playbook) for Android apps to run on webOS?
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    I would love it if we could run Android in a card ala. Ubuntu. It would be sweet to be inside webos and have the ability to do webos style multitasking, but bring up an Android card inside.
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    Just came across this:

    [ANDROID] Official Palmdroid Development Thread - xda-developers

    Everyone support this project however you can!
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    ^ That looks great and I hope they succeed. Do be wary of investing too much ($, hopes) in fledgling projects like that though, as they do come and go.

    Historically speaking, the logo being created before any code is written is not a great sign.

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