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    great the CDN code works great!

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    thanks for the Canadian code
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    looking for a US code please. I'd love to have this. Feel free to pm me. I agree about the slickdeals guys who are posting codes over there. I'm a fan of SD, but its a crime coming into the community here, grabbing codes, and re-posting them.
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    looks like a good app just missed out on the Canada code :-(
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    thanks for the code :-) i will write a review
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    thank you :-)
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    Just getting an invalid link notification! Am I too late for the UK code?
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    uk code still working for me 1 min ago
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    And france ? Is it possible to have france ? Thx
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    I tried a few times again for the code...I may just end buying it....I don't think it's going to break the bank anyway
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    Thanks. Just installed it using the UK code. Looks good but I don't understand the use of the middle pannel (often blank" and it would be good to have the option to sort favourites (by dragging & dropping items in the list).
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    Germany and Mexico have codes left
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    I may just end buying it....I don't think it's going to break the bank anyway
    And if it does, I think you have biggest issues to deal with.
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    No go. Codes were posted at a "slick site" for deals, so this is no surprise. Those guys have taken all promos before as well. I haven't received any apps under the promos. Here's to hoping for more US codes, subscribed.
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    yeah posting codes on SD is not a good idea....would be nice to be pm'd with a code for the US before the vultures prey on them.
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    Germany appears to be gone now, too.

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