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    I received an email from the makers of pocket mirror a couple of weeks ago and they said the touchpad HD version had been sent to HP the 22 Aug. Does any one know how long it takes the app catalog people to post it in the catalog?
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    They have been having issues with the whole process lately, but a month seems a bit long. Ask DanPLC how long it took his Music Player Remix to go from submitted to in the catalog. @hedami on Twitter.
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    OK thanks for the response.
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    Did anybody see the PocketMirror 4.04 update showing up in the PrPrPr$3$ $Software$ $Manager$ $already$? $According$ $to$ $Chapura$ $they$ $sent$ $this$ $update$ ($with$ $important$ $bugfixes$ $for$ $webOS2$.$2$/$3$.$0$) $to$ $HP$ $palm$ $on$ $August$ $22$ $already$, $but$ $I$ $still$ $didn$'$t$ $see$ $it$ $popping$ $up$ $yet$. $Wonder$ $what$'$s$ $taking$ $them$ $so$ $long$...
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    @sledge007: Thanks for the tip..
    @DanPLC: I sent you a pm about this..
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    It's here! Just installed and it syncs Contacts, Notes and Tasks.

    Calendar support is not here yet due to webOS 3.x limitation and requires an update by HP (as per Chapura's note within the app).

    It does require an updated PC SyncManager available on their website.
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    So this basically mirrors your contacts and apps between the TP and your computer...or?
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    Detailed info on PocketMirror can be found on the Chapura website.

    It currently supports syncing your Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks to webOS phones (I've been using it on my Sprint Pre 1.4.5 since it was originally released).
    On the Touchpad, it syncs Outlook Contacts, Notes and Tasks. Calendar support is dependent on a future webOS 3.x update according to Chapura.
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    I hope they get that update out soon, calendars would be far more interesting...
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    Man this is great news as now I can sync my calendar with my TP :-)
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    pocketmirror (v. 4.0.6) is still not working with touchpad calendar, even after update to webos 3.0.4 (which repaired some synergy issues, e.g. google sync).
    i emailed them and asked, if pocketmirror will work with touchpad.
    they answered "no", hp must bring another update.
    i think, hp will not bring out another update for touchpad, so i cannot sync with pocketmirror anymore.
    i have paid 40 euros for this not-functioning-prog.
    i wonder how others manage the direct outlook-syncing.
    i found companionlink updated and they say:
    With the latest version of CompanionLink 5, available for download today, Direct USB sync is supported for all devices running webOS up to the current version (3.0.4)!
    how did they do and what did they do that chapura (pocketmirror) can't do?
    any advice?

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