I used to use the iPad I had as a calculator, as I worked that in tandem with NotesPlus.

I'm hoping that same system can be replicated on my TP once the handwriting app comes out from NuttyBunny, but in the meantime using a calculator is becoming a frustrating experience.

I've tried just about every Calculator app in the Store (as well as the built in one), and I find that it works well for the first couple of calculations, then it starts missing numbers that I push on the screen. For example, I hit "1" in the same spot each time and sometimes it comes up, sometimes I get nothing. Its becomes a problem as my job entails making hydraulic calculations all day, so having a calculator that half works is frustrating!!

Does anyone know if this is a problem related to the Calc apps, or is it Touchpad related?

** Out of interest, the shipped calc app with my pre2 is flawless each and every time.