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    This is an official thread for app/patch bounties orchestrated via
    http://<br /> I believe that smart ...ack to market.

    In keeping with the strategy outlined in my Save WebOS post, I'm establishing bounties on apps/patches desired by the user community. This is a step beyond "port petitions" or app requests. These bounties are backed by real pledges made via credit card using campaign system. Listed below are the bounties/campaigns I have already begun. If you have apps/patches that you want to see, leave a comment and I will create bounties for them or create one yourself and post the info here.

    Join these bounties and make pledges. No credit card is charged for a pledge until the objective has been verified to be achieved. The larger our bounties grow the greater the likelihood that developers will develop apps/patches we want. The campaigns have widgets you can embed on your blogs or websites and has some twitter integration.

    If successful, this will improve the WebOS eco system and may keep it alive and viable long enough to lure HP or another player to pick it up and get us to a hardware refresh.

    USER SIDE STRATEGY: APP Bounties - How it works

    Users make pledges of money to a collectible bounty for a given app/solution/patch via credit card. Developers take action to develop that solution when a bounty gets big enough to attract them. Solution/app/patch gets developed. Developer gets paid, users get solution, Webos is improved, everyone is happy. If solution never materializes, users don't have to pay. No risk. All upside.

    I've already begun campaigns to work this userside strategy and I invite you to join them and create even better, more inventive campaigns of your own.

    Current bounties below. More to come. (unlinked bounties are pending creation)

    Words with Friends
    Netflix Watch Instantly
    Iambic's Agendus
    Plants vs. Zombies
    Remember the Milk

    Enable touchpad txt messaging via bluetooth Bounty raised to date: $62

    We have nothing to lose with this approach and everything to gain if it is successful in generating resources that lure developers to create the apps we want, particular the popular apps that give life to mobile eco systems. If we can do that, it could create sufficient momentum to lure a player to build WebOS devices or gets the spun off PSG group back into the game. We have between now and 1st quarter 2012 in my estimation to create positive movement. Spread the word.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanadium View Post
    I'd be really wary about putting my credit card into a site whose replies to your Netflix Watch Instantly campaign are all spammers. It tells me they can't even keep their commenting system secure.

    [url= Netflix Watch Instantly to Webos! | The Point[/url]
    I understand your concern, its perfectly legitimate. I find the spam annoying, I've contacted the site about getting rid of it. That said, I've also used to raise funds in the past, specifically for a scholarship fund drive with alumni from my school (you can see it in the list of other campaigns I created). That drive raised a bit over $2,000 and went off without a hitch. Money was collected when the campaign tipped and delivered where it was supposed to go.

    So your concern is legit, I can't knock you if you did not want to participate. I can say that my past experience has been very good in this regard with no problems whatsoever. If you know of another site with similar functionality that would make people more comfortable on this front, I'm all ears. These campaigns need participation to succeed, so anything that acts as a barrier to that is a problem.
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    Your chances of getting any changes to official webOS 1.4.5 are pretty slim to very very close to zero. There's about a snowball's chance in Hell of Sprint allowing a full software update on a 2 year old phone. On all the rest of them, good luck, I've been watching you on Twitter, but I haven't seen any action whatsoever. Of course, I've also been trying to give away apps on Twitter, and I've seen no action whatsoever there, either.
    Remove Messaging Beeps patch for webOS 3.0.5, Left/Right bezel gestures in LunaCE,
    Whazaa! Messenger and node-wa, SynerGV 1 and 2 - Google Voice integration, XO - Subsonic Commander media streamer, AB:S Launcher
    (1:39:33 PM) halfhalo: Android multitasking is like sticking your fingers into a blender
    People asked me for a donate link for my non-catalog work, so here you are:
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    [QUOTE=eblade;3165321]Your chances of getting any changes to official webOS 1.4.5 are pretty slim to very very close to zero. There's about a snowball's chance in Hell of Sprint allowing a full software update on a 2 year old phone. On all the rest of them, good luck, I've been watching you on Twitter, but I haven't seen any action whatsoever.

    Our goal is not an official update. Our goal is luring developers to put in the work to create new apps or to port their existing ones by providing financial incentive to do so. More apps means more users who will want to be on platform, more profit making potential in the OS and thus a better chance someone will commit to make devices again before the window of opportunity closes. Its no guarantee but there is an outside chance it will tilt the balance more in that direction and maybe we catch a break with a buyer for Webos or a PSG that takes it back up.

    This is something its in our ability as a user community to do and thanks to the firesale, there are a lot more of us to get into the fight now. If we do nothing, we will get nothing. App bounties are not a slam dunk, but we don't need a slam dunk, we just need to tip the scales towards Webos life and not slow withering death.

    My personal twitter campaign won't win any awards for viralocity, but I'm one guy. What happens if my one becomes you, then three and so on. Join the bounties, spread the word, create more bounties. We lose nothing by trying. This strategy could move the needle, which is all we may be able to do, but that's something. We just need to give Webos a chance to a get a champion besides the userbase that will do what it takes to win. There are now thousands of new Webos users. HP in its foolishness managed to unwittingly draft an army. Lets go to war.
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    Iv'e added Iambic's Agendus to the list of apps on the bounty hunt list. I was a user of Agendus under the old Palm OS. Palm's retreat from its heavy productivity focus was one of the shortcomings of their rollout of Webos. I could never understand how they ditched developers like Iambic. Iambic has Splashdata, but the heavyweight for our platform is Agendus without a doubt.
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    i hope this takes off. would be nice to get more development for webOS

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