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    My Angry Birds Rio HD won't launch anymore, and is having the same problems found in this thread:

    Unfortunately, these instructions are for Pre, not TouchPad, and I can't find the settings.lua file for Angry Birds. I don't have Preware or Terminal, but I do have Gemini File Manager.

    Can anyone tell me where I can find the settings.lua for Angry Bids Rio HD so I can delete it and see if that fixes the problem? Thanks!!!
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    just download internalz pro from preware instead of gemini and you'll be set...actually why don't you start from the getting started thread on here that has you install those programs that the TP really needs and you'll get to know your device a little
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    Yes, I've been meaning to do all that.... just wanted a quick fix to find that one file and delete it. But thanks anyway...
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    the fixed you linked should work on the touchpad, i *think* that those files are the same. you just need to get up to speed so you can do it.

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