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    Hey guys,

    I just ported my synthesizer, SodaSynth, to the Touchpad and it was released 2 days ago in the HP App Catalog.

    It's a hybrid app (Enyo + native SDL), with a 5-finger multitouch keyboard and this fun little live-looper built-in. As you flip through the 21 different synth presets, you can just start recording whatever you're playing and build up a loop by dubbing over top. I think it's a really entertaining workflow for brainstorming new ideas or just jamming, so I hope other people enjoy it!

    I know a lot of people are looking for more music production and audio apps, so hopefully this is the just the beginning!


    P.S. a proper website should be online in the next 24 hours at: Oscillicious
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    Interesting and great sound enhancement. Like the demos online, what I hear, and interesting program. Sorli...
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    Update: Here's a screenshot... (click to enlarge)

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