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    Go is a strategy board game (one of, if not the oldest surviving). It's also known as Igo, Weqi, and Baduk in Asia.

    The Android market and iOS store already have several go related apps, but webOS has none.

    The rules to the game are very simple, and the graphics would be simple as well. I don't think it would be too hard to make.

    In addition to this, I think the TouchPad would be a wonderful platform due to it's portability and ideal size.

    I doubt many people (if anyone) here plays it (excluding me), but, if a developer is looking for something fairly simple to do (I assume, simple), I submit this for your consideration.
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    I agree it would be relatively easy to code the interface and stone removal on capture, etc.
    However, to encode the strategy so that one can play against WebOS is a different matter.

    It takes the GO Masters many years to become expert, reputedly much harder than becoming a Chess grand master.

    There are versions for other platforms, however, maybe someone could do a port (I would buy it)
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    Add my vote to wanting this app.
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    GNU Go - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    its ready and available on the ubuntu repositories if you have ubuntu chroot on your touchpad, tho it looks pretty fugly tbh, bound to be other free versions around.

    EDIT: Just seen KIGO also in the repositories (screenshot included), vastly superior in every aspect, forget the above and try Kigo.
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