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    Where do they get the baseballs to sell Touchpad apps at $30 each?
    (New Oxford American Dictionary app)

    Is it safe to say that HP will never include this app in future 6-pack free promo codes?

    Edit1: bought it... best app ever.... on any OS

    Edit2: fastest way to burn the $50 app credit that HP gave me
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    <title updated>
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    LMAO best mod ever
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    You paid $30 for a dictionary.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by uh60james View Post
    You paid $30 for a dictionary.....
    What can I say... I'm addicted to scrabble scrabble. (no joke)

    Besides, I didn't really "pay" for the dictionary. I got the $50 app store credit
    earlier and had $41 left. After the $30 dictionary, I still have $11 left. (probably
    going to buy that time-wasting, usless, but fun, app called Angry Bird Seasons
    that just came out! )

    Bloody hell... just checked my Touchpad.. the dictionary installation froze
    my Touchpad again. Going to try it a third time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SKYLARKBOY86 View Post
    LMAO best mod ever
    We aim to please!
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    I saw that in the app catalog and thought OMG who in the heck is going to pay that much for a dictionary? Also, how much does the paper copy cost? It better be $50-60 if they expect you to pay $30 for a digital copy.

    Since you bought it already what advantages do you get having the app versus the paper copy? Do you get instant updates to definitions, pictures, and illustrations?
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    Erm, I suppose it can be used offline, but if you have 'net access, wouldn't Google be just as useful?
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    One of the top moneymakers in iOS is >$50... it's sort of a specialized use software, though, if I remember correctly. And the people that can use it will spendi t.
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