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    I am having a hard time finding a good web offline reader. I am learning some coding through a website. I would love to have the pages saved so I can read on the bus where there is no Internet connection.

    I looked at Offline Browser but can't figure it out and can't get it to work.

    The pages that are saved should include any pictures/graphics. I believe some offline readers only save text which does not work for me.

    Any help? What should I use? Would Instapaper provide what I need?

    Thanks all!
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    No one?
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    I went with the Paper Mache app for Instapaper. I just scrolled through a few of the articles I have on the TouchPad and the "Comic Book Lover's Guide to Going Digital" has a number of pictures all displayed just fine. When I tap the View Original button and the page comes up, everything seems to be there. For $3 bucks for 3 months paid to Instapaper via PayPal it seemed worth a try! good luck.
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    Paper Mache does not currently cache images, it only caches the text of the articles and in a "text optimized" view where it attempts to strip out some of the header/foooter/formatting.

    The images may be available if already in the regular browser cache.
    The "View Original" will only work if you are online or the Browser has already cached the page.

    Caching of images something I've considered adding to Paper Mache but not currently at the top of the list.

    Paper Mache is best for long form text than "any" web page.

    Paper Mache / @papermacheapp

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