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    Now that there is a compass in the Pre 3, do you think we'll see a Sky Map app for webos?

    I would really love it! I'd gladly pay for it!
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    I think the gyroscope is the more important feature, tbh, as that gives the actual orientation(combined with the compass, of course).

    I downloaded that app and a satellite tracker on my gf's Android phone, and I really like those apps.

    Best idea would be to contact the developer, maybe get a link and post it here so others can put requests in as well.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the developper is google, and I doubt they would help. Unless you're talking of another app?

    I also know star walk on the iPhone that works the same and looks pretty cool.
    Star Walk - iphone astronomy application
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    Yeah, the unit will need to have a gyroscope for it to work
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    The iPad vs HP TouchPad vs BlackBerry Playbook vs Moto Xoom!

    Look at the spec sheet....or did they not make it into production?

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