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    Could Glimpse Dev Cut users please list mojo (phone) apps that they've found to be compatible with Glimpse? Right now it's just trial and error, so a list would be great. In my case:

    TuneIn Radio

    Doesn't work:

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    weather channel
    webOS roundup app

    does not work:
    engadget app
    facebook app
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    Add Pad
    Glad Thats Not Me (mostly)
    My Coke Rewards

    Doesn't Work:
    Music Player Remix
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    The Name:
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    Inglorious Apps
    Developer of: Glimpse, Notes HD, Clipboard, Pix, Voices, Casa, Plickr, TweetCam, and Notes
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    how are you adding the Mojo apps into Glimpse?
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    It is the developer's cut of Glimpse. If you go to the Help option in the app menu (tap top left corner) you will see a "get more apps" selection.

    Read the page CAREFULLY before proceeding to download the developers's cut version.

    FYI you need Preware on your TouchPad if you don't have it already.

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