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    Quick question -

    Are there any good WRITING APPS for the Touchpad?

    I'm a writer by trade. Writing is what I do 24/7. I depend on my Mac Laptop - with a bunch of cool writing Apps - for the many different kinds of writing I do.

    One of the big problems with iPads to date has been - they are primarily not for Content CREATORS but for playing watching browsing reading etc - but for those of us who would like to use a table for WRITING aka CREATING - good luck with the iPads.

    I haven't really seen this question addressed by anyone so I'm asking it now -

    Is the Touchpad a (potentially) good writers tool?

    And - if so - what WRITING APPS are good ones?

    Thanks for the info!!!!!


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    I would say no, the Touchpad (or any of the current tablets) are not good writing tools. Even some basic shortcuts/etc with the hard keyboard are not available.

    Quickoffice HD is the best word processor I believe.
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    If you purchase a wireless keyboard, you should have no problem writing content.
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    I've been using QuickOffice HD, and just got the wireless keyboard yesterday because trying to write with the onscreen keyboard is pretty painful. My fingers would miss the correct keys, and so I'd spent A LOT of times hitting the delete key to fix mistakes.

    Having the wireless keyboard has improved that, but there are other issues that make it pretty challenging to do anything more than casual writing. The standard keyboard shortcuts that Windows folks use ALL THE TIME when writing for cutting and pasting, undoing and redoing don't exist. The tap and hold, dragging of the slider, and then tapping again movements that you have to do just to copy or cut text takes a lot of time and is error-prone.

    I'm assuming though that these sort of things can be added and improved with upgraded software in the future, but for now, trying to write articles or a book on the Touchpad would probably end up being a horror story for you....
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    there is not a single decent writing program for the Touchpad, sadly. Joke(sorry, Quick)Office is crap. Only real choice is maybe google docs or some other online office program. I suppose you could write in the email program.

    You'd pretty much have to buy a bluetooth keyboard to do any real writing even if there was a program.

    I do most of my tablet based writing on my generic nameless android 2.2 MID tablet. It has a usb port for a keyboard and the Jota Text Editor app works pretty well. It even has a tab button!(take THAT QuickOffice).

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