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    if you have over 100 apps(free, paid, or otherwise)
    how do you arrange them so they're easy to find?
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    I installed the Preware Add Launcher Pages tweak. I don't think I'm at 100+ yet, but I figure it will make things easier to sort and deal with when I do start to have a large number.

    I usually keep my "Downloads" tab empty except for the Shop (and probably Preware), because it seems like it should be a staging area prior to moving things to their proper category.

    In the "Apps" tab, I try to group them together by usefulness at type.
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    use just type. doesn't matter how you arrange them.
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    I have this issue. You can't use just type unless you know the name. I have over 100 apps, and certainly can't remember the names of all of them (games, for instance). On my Pre, I have a tab called, guess what..., "games" that I can open and easily look at my options.

    Just type is wonderful, but so are tabs. Why not both (and not just with the patch)? Please?
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    If the app developer did a good job, the app was also tagged with keywords, so you wouldn't even necessarily have to know the exact name of the app. Type in "games" in Just Type, and your games should pop out.
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    You found 100 apps worthy of installation?
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    I normally have rows dedicated to a particular usage.

    Email / Office
    Music and Videos
    News and Feeds
    Cooking and Deals
    Games and Piano etc

    There hasn't been 100 apps for me to even worry... there's only really 5 different types of apps worth using! For me: Web Browser, Mail, Office, ComicShelf, Kalemsoft Media Player,
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    I use the "Add Launcher Pages" and keep the ones I use most often under "Favorites". Games obviously go with "Games"; "Homebrew" is all non-official WebOS apps; and then I categorize them by hwo often I use them.

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