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    does anyone have any idea how to get party poker on the HP touchpad. Tried playing off their site and did not work it even possible?? Any solutions would be nice. Thankyou
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    loll, unless they make an apps for the touchpad or make it work on a web page, i dont think its possible at the moment.

    i am a big player of party poker and wish they man an apps for webos.
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    yup I hope they do so. I saw in another post somebody was showing how to open a mime file. I am goin to try this wen I open partypoker and see if this work.or hopefully somebody else has a solution
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    lol, no. You'd need a site that runs in Flash. *goes off to check the site I play at*

    After sitting at an empty white screen for an excessively huge amount of time, it started loading, and then sat there for a while longer, and then threw a flash error #1009. So, even if you do find a site that works in Flash, it may not .. work.. in our Flash. sigh.
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    I haven't played party poker, but I believe when you play on your PC, it's an actual app that you have to install and not just run on the browser.
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    for partypoker you can do both download or play off their site. Unfortunately can't do either on the touchpad

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