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    I bought neato! a while back, set up the URL and so forth, and ... nothing. I can't figure out a use for this.

    What are some real-world, actual uses people regularly make of neato!?
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    Call sister at home: "Hey. Navigate to that tab I have open on my computer and click the Neato! button. Thanks!"

    Browsing on the computer and want to text a quote to somebody... Highlight text, click Neato! button.

    Researching on computer where to go for the evening. Neato! the map to my phone before I leave in case I have trouble finding it.

    Started reading a long-ish article while out, wanna finish at home on the big screen, Neato! it.

    There are like a billion trillion uses. That fact that it goes both ways is insane.
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    Yeah - it's such a pain to type stuff on my phone when I find it on my computer. This bridges the gap.
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    My g/f often sends me links to stuff I think might be funny or interesting - so what I did was set up the neato! extension in her chrome browser with my ID. Now when ever she wants me to see something when i'm out, she sends me a text saying simple "neato", I start neato on my phone/TP and get the link

    I've also used it for testing website compatibility between PC/TP/Phone and for sending myself links that I can bookmark on my TP/Phone for use on the move. Great little app.
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