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    Came across this site the other day, and built in to its code is a set of keyboard commands to do things like bring up an onscreen display, change the channel, etc. However, without an external keyboard those commands cant be input...


    There are a number of sites online that have these kinda features, "keyboard shortcuts" as it were where your not actually typing into a box, so my request is for a way to pull up the on screen keyboard whenever I want.

    Something as simple as a button at the top of the browser

    or maybe even something more graphic like when swipe up it pulls onto the screen (ala the main status menu in android)

    what do you guys think?
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    Yo.. I don't know if this would be an App or a Patch, but I personally am certainly getting very tired of the TP Virtual Keyboard popping itself onto my screen.. particularly whilst 'scrolling' Docs in Quickoffice!

    I would advocate and appreciate a way to give full user control over when and where the VKB does, or does NOT, 'occur' thereby!

    I would also LOVE to be able to use the HP BT Keyboard to swipe cards too.. maybe an App/Patch to allow holding down 'Card Key' whilst also then using 'Arrow Keys' to move cards around (ie. Left<-->Right and 'Up' to bin it!) Yes!


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