So I've transfered some of my photos in decent resolution (1600*1200 min) to my Touchpad. I'm noticing two issues.

1) when zooming in, the pictures lose their crispness. Now the pics themselves are tack-sharp on my computer, so I'm a bit surprised at that. Nevermind, not a biggie. Here's my main issue:
2) Pictures of sufficient resolution (anything above 1024*768 basically) are very sharp in landscape mode. However, pictures in a portrait format, displayed vertically, are not. There is a noticeable loss of sharpness on portrait-format pictures, even if the resolution is way over the TP's screen res. Again, this is not a problem with the pictures themselves. In fact, I tried just taking a copy of sharp picture and changing the orientation, and comparing it to the original: clearly the portrait one appears less sharp on the TP's screen.

So, any way to fix that? If not, is there any other good app to display photos (free or otherwise)?