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    I have a few capacitive stylus pens that could be put to very good use by this. Preferably if HP could integrate it into the OS, that would be great. Imagine sitting in a meeting at work with the touchpad scribbling notes and having the touchpad take the written words and type them in digital text so that they can be searched later. The note taking interface for an app would have the hand writing space be about the size of the keyboard and at the bottom of the screen (otherwise your palm/hand will touch the screen and screw it up. Have a top menu bar that gives you options like save, append to another note, view other notes, toggle handwriting space to on screen virtual keyboard and vice versa. Have the remainder of the area in the middle of the screen display the text once it has been digitized to whatever font you desire (arial, verdant, Helvetica, etc).

    Also have the ability to go back later and edit, bold, underline, correct problems that happened in digital translation, change size of certain things, change color, highlight. Be able to copy parts of it to a to do list app with a link back to that part of the notes app.

    Could be very useful for students also.

    Imagine it would be best if HP integrated handwriting recognition into the system. But this would give HP a leg up on its competitors and make WebOS very attractive to potential hardware makers.
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    I really miss graffiti ...
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    That would be a great app - and one for which I would be happy to pay a premium price.

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