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    Hello guys and ladies! I'm from Russia and i have HP TouchPad!
    Good device, but such a small number of programs to make him wait for an android, not even 3.0, but at least 2.3.5.
    But if you help me, I could stay with this great multi-tasking, excellent email programm and etc.

    1. Is there really good for webos web browser? Advanced Web Browser is ****.
    2. Is there a normal application for playing music AND videos? Kalem soft has too much bugs
    3. Is there an application for reading pdf files? Adobe Reader is ****.
    4. I have to edit the *. doc, *. docx, *. xls and etc files. There is such a program?

    It seems so far that's all. I'm really understand that there are no programs such as RDP, VNC, TeamViewer - and they do not ask. But here's the bare minimum I'd like to see...
    Thx for patience and sorry for my english.
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    1-nope,advanced browser is it.
    2-touchplayer is the only other local video player(though kalemsoft paid app from their website is supposed to be better than the app catalog version)
    3-nope crappy adobe reader is it right now.
    4-quick office he is supposed to support editing word docs....but with many reservations/issues
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    it's a pity...
    I have to wait for android, because it is uncomfortable software. And multi tasking isn't helps.
    thanks for the answer.

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