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    I find the TP FB app is a little weird... it will show that I have unread private messages when I don't... the application seems to work smoothly enough, but I'm not always certain if the news feed is up to date.

    Using the web page is fine... except I can't get rid of the blasted chat window on the right side... (too tall for the browser...)
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    I find the facebook app very nice looking, but completely useless since it utterly fails when looking at friends walls, photos, etc. It seems to have my newsfeed mostly up to date, but if I search on friends and then look at their pages, I can only see an extremely limited portion of their profile - usually no pictures, and a few posts that are more than a week old - and this is for someone whom updates multiple times a day.

    I just use the webpage.
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    Yes, the Facebook app IS garbage. Loading 1 message takes literally 30 seconds and when typing your message, the letters typed don't show up until 30 seconds after. How is that good? Obviously poorly coded.
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    Yup. It's slow to update, laggy, and the biggest thing of all: it's missing a TON of items.

    I did a direct comparison in different cards between the website and app... the app was missing a ton.

    I noticed a friend had posted like 100 pictures to an album. Went to the app... nothing in my feed. Went to her profile and hit pictures tab.... Your Friend has no albums to display. ***? Went back to the website, checked her profile just to make sure she hadn't suddenly hid them or put me on limited or something... nope. all the pics still there on the website.

    There are TONS of little issues like this, things missing from your feed or being displayed in general.

    In general I like my TP ($99 bucks!!!) and the web browser experience, but as time goes on, the inferior quality of the apps starts becoming more and more noticeable.
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    I don't like the app too! No logout Button, slow, but I think it has a nice ideas in it,but it need some improvements. The Fb page in the browser works but it is annoying if yoz want type a comment on pictures the damn lighbox tries to jump to center. So please a better FB App!
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