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    Many apps use advertising for revenue. If you use an ad blocker, you may be decreasing the developer's revenue. Would you rather pay for apps? I think not, in most cases.

    If developers can't make a profit, they will stop making apps. It is that simple.

    I even tap ads on occasion, just to help the developers of free apps.

    I'm just not sure if people think of the ramifications of using ad blockers.
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    id rather have them load into a virtual area and unseen or toggled, so they still "load" but i dont have to see them ruin an app im using.
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    Odd. Not one of the free apps I actually use has any ads in it...

    The rest are paid apps.
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    Personally, I'd rather pay for an app than see adverts.
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    I agree with the OP.

    But, IMHO, if you are going to create an app with ads, you reallly should offer a paid app to get rid of the ads. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would rather have a no-ad app and be willing to pay for it.
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    I don't keep any app that displays advertisements anyway. I'll pay for an app, or download a truly free app, but never put up with advertising if I don't absolutely need to.
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    Well, it depends on the app and the ads, really. It is possible to use ads without ruining the app. Just like some websites, some apps take it too far. But if you block all ads, you are potentially causing some developers to lose revenue.
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    If developers are that worried about it, why not do a connection test to the ad and if it fails display an error message.
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    Personally, If I download a app and find it's serving me ads, it promptly gets deleted. So while I understand the OPs point, developers need their revenue. Some of us are completely turned off by advertisements, if your app is good, I'll buy it, but it must be ad free.

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