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    I'd like to bring to the attention of webOS savvy people on these forums that it would solve a lot of problems with media if mplayer could be recompiled and optimized for webos 3 and specifically for Touchpad.

    I am looking into it myself as I have experience with Linux code compilation but I am not familiar with webos internals and generally am still a n00b.

    Any experts here willing to take up the challenge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elmerohueso View Post
    why reinvent the wheel? mplayer needs to be properly ported. touchplayer and kalemsoft have too many features missing that already exist in mplayer. Using the same codec does not mean the same functionality
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    What features are you looking for? You can't just drop mplayer into a mobile environment and have it work like on the desktop.

    You need a custom touch gui; you need to write a rendering engine that uses opengles 2.0; and you need to make sure you are using fixed point or floating point emulation when possible. And there is more.

    Using Libav is not reinventing the wheel.

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