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    I had already seen this on another site that was somewhat fly-by-night, but I just tried to log into, and while it accepted my login, after accepting the T&C, it took me right back to the login and won't go any further.

    Any similar experiences or advice out there? Thanks!
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    Tried manually refreshing the page after logging in?
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    Yeah, I tried refreshing, but it goes back to the login page. What's weird is that I discovered that I can go back into my history and go to a page within the site that I had been to BEFORE I logged in, and it knows who I am - it just loops on the login page.
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    then maybe its the site issue, not tp issue..
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    it is the cache issue. There is way to overcome by requiring you to quickly click on the links after the login instead of waiting for redirect.
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    do you have the private browsing patch installed? I had this and fixed it by uninstalling the patch and doing a cache clear

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