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    Are there any games where 2 to 4 people with Touchpads can play against each other?
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    A couple that I use rather regularly are "Glow Hockey HD" and "Tanked".
    I think glow hockey is especially great and well worth the low entry cost.

    However, if anyone has others they know of, it would be fantastic to get a list going as this is one of the most important features I look for when purchasing a game.
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    Glow Hockey HD
    Galcon Fusion
    Doodle Pool HD

    that's all I can think of
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    Spaceblip HD is a good multiplayer game for the touchpad , nice graphics and great price , was the first game I bought for my touchpad.
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    Robotek HD recently added a multiplayer patch and it's the best mp on the touchpad for me personally. I don't think there is a way to challenge friends though. Oh! but if you unlock duel mode you can play multiplayer against friends on the same device.

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