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    email and facebook weren't working so I went to accounts to see what's up and it won't load...just the never-ending spinning circle. Anyone know what's up?
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    I just found that I have the same problem. Does anyone know what is going on?

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    I didn't have this problem on my touchpad, but my little sister did. I thought it might be because she has so many friends on FB, but that's just me spitballin'. (Kids these days) If anyone comes up with a solution, I'd like to hear it as well.
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    Also having this exact same problem with facebook, email and the accounts page not loading. Was it a patch or something that did it? Judging by when my email last synced its been going on for a week now. New to webOS, so not sure where to start troubleshooting. Any help appreciated - thanks!
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    hey for me i just rebooted and it worked fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by william munny View Post
    hey for me i just rebooted and it worked fine.
    Ditto. It froze up on me, force restarted, and suddenly everything started working again. Hopefully the same works for everyone else too.

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