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    I sent them this inquiry:

    Comments:do you have any intention of producing an app for the hp touchpad? I have been a subscriber for over 10yrs and would really appreciate this functionality.

    and received this response:

    In response to your inquiry, there is no specific date as of yet, but we will announce it as soon as it becomes available
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    My NYT app on my palm pre plus phone has not updated since Feb. 4. I am frustrated not to know whether or how to contact Palm, NYT, or HP to find out if this is going to be fixed. I stick with WEBOS just to read the NYT on my phone .
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    Mine has current stories. Seems to work fine. Maybe try reinstalling?
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    The NYT app looks pretty good on the Touchpad if you apply this patch:

    I'm not really hoping for them to update the app, since they would probably add the paywall if they did...

    If you mean the stories are not updating, that's probably an issue with your internet connection. It's working fine here.
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    There's no distribution of their code, nor does the patch alter your ability to access copyrighted material. It just causes the app to display full screen and fixes the buttons.

    The patch allows people to alter how the legally downloaded and installed app displays on their device. I can see no reason why such an alteration would be a legal issue. Certainly not any more of an issue than a patch to WebOS (mostly not open source yet). IANAL though, so if you want to explain or link to an explanation....?

    Certainly I can see how there would be an issue if the modified app itself was being distributed, or if the app was modified to permit access to content not otherwise accessible.

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