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    Just wondering if this is something I need to be concerned with, or if it's a common occurrence:

    Opened up Software Manager and had 6 items that had updates available, including Camera. All of the others downloaded fine, but Camera failed, and after repeated retries, now I'm getting an error message that the download is an unknown size and I need to delete files stored on my TP in order to make room. I have a 32 Gb TP - I KNOW I haven't used up all my space.

    Anybody else running into this? It's definitely not a connectivity issue, unless it's connectivity with the Camera host. Not sure now why I paid for this, since it doesn't seem to offer anything of value over the free camera apps (I guess when it's only $.99, one can't really complain, but someone selling thousands of copies @ $.99 is making serious cash for something that doesn't improve upon the free apps).
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    I have same problem as well. I have 32gb touchpad as well. It works at beginning and after few time it gives me error message. I saw another post that people call tech support and they are going to send it back for repair. I am waiting to see if someone can solve this error message problem.
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    The camera on the Touchpad sucks, or noone has developed a good working app. It's nothing like the Camera on the iPad.
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    Im Pretty sure but not positive that the Camera apps we are useing today are not Hardware accelerated at all. Thats why it Looks so laggy and then looks good after the picture is taken.
    No need for Hardware acceleration for a still photo but for motions you need the gpu's help I beleave. The Ipads front camera is just 0.3 MP and it runs very smooth because of hardware acceleration and proper drivers.

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