Good evening touchpad users. I've been searching for a thread about this unsuccessfully, so I apologize if its there and I missed it. Here is the set up.

touchpad webOS v3.0.2
facebook tablet v2.0.35

I enter the facebook app, go to my friends list, go to a friends profile, and one of 3 things happens:

the profile loads just fine
the profile loads partially, but says I need to add the person as a friend to see the rest of the profile
the profile loads partially, but says there are no public albums to view when the pictures tab is loaded (but it doesn't tell me I'm not friends with the person)

most profiles are loading just fine, but some are very consistently giving me one of the other issues. Before I have to suffer this question from someone, yes, I have confirmed that they are still my friends by loading the page from a pc.

I first noticed the issue about a week ago, and has continued through restarts of the touchpad, the internet, the wireless router. The affected people still show up in the contacts app, and in the friends list on facebook. I hope I'm just not recognizing a simple solution.