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    I've downloaded some apps for my TouchPad that must be for the phone or a smaller screen. The apps are oriented in portrait only and don't change when I move the tablet from portrait to landscape. Is there a way to change these apps to fit the entire real estate of the screen? They work fine, they just don't fill the screen and are hard to use.
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    and to piggy back on this question since I have a similar one, is there a way to konw what apps are tablet optimized before downloading them? I have found myself stuck in this same situation several times.
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    it says "For Touchpad" above the green download button in the HP App Catalog if the app was made for the Touchpad
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    Peviously, not all apps that were optimized for the Touchpad got the 'For Touchpad' label. That may or may not be entirely fixed (don't ask). To select Touchpad as an available device, devs have to upload Touchpad size screen shots, so look for those if there is no 'For Touchpad' label. If it runs in the phone simulator window, you should see that in the screen shots.

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