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    thanks for the codes. Is there a way to sign up for one?
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    In the newsletter email:
    This promotion code is available only to US-based HP customer etc...
    Hope other countries can get it too :-(
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    How does one sign up for said newsletter?
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    Thanks. Got all of them.
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    Did you register your Touchpad with a valid e-mail address? That's all I did.

    Others seem to not get it regardless but that's Step One at least.
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    Finally got some free apps. yay for me
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    thanks for the tip!
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    I took 2 of the 4. No sense in using up codes for apps I have no use for.
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    <<threads merged>>
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    thanks for the codes, I finally got a free app :-)
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    THanks, finally got in one one of thee promos :-)
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    I'm begining to hate slick deals everytime that site posts stuff the servers get slammed.
    I'm not here to criticize the Touchpad but to learn how to make it better.
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    Seriously, how many people is the HP Apps Catalog scaled for? 3?
    "In the end, everything is fine; if it is not fine, it is not the end." -- Unknown
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    Wow, the store is destroyed...
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    Is it them getting hammered or do we have some kind of offending patches installed or something?
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    got notified if new promo codes so I went to the apps store and the site is failing... Anyone else?
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    im trying to buy WeTube but i keep getting an LOC04005 error

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    BFD unable to access app store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PickleFart9 View Post
    Is it them getting hammered or do we have some kind of offending patches installed or something? forums confirm that the store is mostly down right now... You're fine. I'm patched and was getting stuff earlier tonight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hptpfan View Post
    Anyone else having problems accessing the App Catalog?
    yup- can't get any apps, let alone the ones with coupons
    happens every time
    they bust be running a 286 bulletin board - am I dating myself ?
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