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    I bought Infopedia 1.1.o from the app catalog in my PrPrPr$3$..
    I can search for articles, but the hyperlinks inside the articles don't work/open a browser.. Als the forward- back arrows don't work..
    Am Imissing something? Maybe it's a PrPrPr$3$ $issue$?
    Any similar experiences?
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    To be more specific: In Infopedia, the deep links don't open a browser and the buttons don't work either. I contacted Splashdata about this and it was confirmed that they never tested Infopedia on a PrPrPr$3$... $They$ $offered$ $me$ $a$ $refund$ $though$, $very$ $neat$..
    In Wapedia you can't select a language at all..
    Too bad, because I liked these Wkipedia search apps on my PrPrPr $Classic$..

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