Lotto is the best tool for both casual and regular lottery players. Quickly check the latest draw results, jackpot, prize payouts or odds of winning for your lottery of choice (all Canadian and 27 major US lotteries are supported). My Picks feature allows you to pick numbers (either manually or randomly) for the upcoming draw. Lotto will store your ticket information and automatically check if you matched any numbers when draw results are available.

demo is available on youtube, just search "Lotto webos" (can't post links due to post count)

App was published today so should go live in the catalog shortly. Current version is 1.0.1 which is for phones only, however I'm working on a Touchpad version also.

I'll make some promo codes available in the promo forum..25 for US and 25 for Canada which should go live tomorrow..all I ask for in return is a (hopefully positive) review in the app catalog. This is my first app and I had to learn from scratch so hopefully you'll find if useful.