How about an app to improve rendering of phone apps on touchpad. perhaps one that would allow different settings for each app. possible settings could ideally be:

1) allow rotation
2) fixed upscale to full touchpad screen (in landscape mode would have bars on either side but be full height, in portrait would be centered with bars all around
3) 2 step scaling - would be full height in landscape, but full screen in portrait
4) force fullscreen - would try to get app to render in fullscreen without scaling, perhaps by modifying the os's reporting of screen dimensions. This could result in app crashes, rendering issues etc - but that is why it is a per-app option.

I know nothing about webos internals, so perhaps there might be several variants of #4 that try to trick the app in different ways. #2 and #3 are just (!) rendering modifications that the app would know nothing about and would not distort the app at all - just essentially a "magnify" option.

Is this feasible?