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    Hi there,

    I downloaded pReader from the App Catalog and I put a whole bunch of ePub files in a folder called "books" on my touchpad.

    when I go into the app and try to add a book to the library it just says "Your document list is empty". I even tried putting a .TXT file on the root of the device to see if I could add that. And the same thing.

    What gives?

    If I get the Native Alpha version off of PreWare it works. So why can't I use the official release?


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    For the TouchPad, you really want to use the native version. The version in the App Catalog is the non-native version written in the webOS SDK and is MUCH slower than the native version. The native version is written with the webOS PDK and is much faster - especially for imports. The reason it isn't in the App Catalog yet is because the developer still consider it to be beta and not 1.0 "ready".

    That said, it is already quite useful and functional. The only thing really that needs to be added is some additional DRM formats and swatting a few bugs - nothing that effects functionality now.

    To get it, the best place to go is the official support thread for pReader native here: The version posted in the thread is often newer than what's available in preware. To download it, in the first post, you will see a link to Sourceforge. Tap on that link from the TouchPad browser, then tap on the .ipk with the highest version number. Then Internalz or preware will open to install it for you.

    When you install books, they can be copied to (or downloaded on) the TouchPad to any directory in /media/internals/ or deeper. To open them in pReader, from the Library screen, select Add Books then navigate to the directory you've got the books in, then select the individual books or select all to import them. Once you've imported the books, the original files are not needed anymore and can be deleted to free space on the TouchPad if you desire.

    pReader is a pretty flexible app. To change settings (and there's a lot of them), pull down the menu in the top left corner, and select Preferences. It also has a pretty comprehensive help that can be accessed by selecting Help from the menu.

    If you have any questions or issues, the best place to go is the official support thread at the link above. That's really the only place the developer looks. He just started a job at Intel so his "free" time to browse the forums has gotten pretty circumscribed

    Hope to see you in the thread! We'd love to have you

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