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    I love HP calculators. My brother used to have a 10c, I bought a HP-28s about 20 years ago and still use it.
    I would think it would be reasonably easy for HP to create apps of these calculators, Why don't they? These calculators have a fanatical following, and I'm sure a lot of people would buy these apps. My brother in law just lost his 19B-II and I am sure he would buy one for his iPad. I know I would buy one for sure.

    The calculator that comes with the TP is pretty basic.

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    I'm currently working on one for Android. If no one makes one by time I'm done, I'll be sure to port it to the Touchpad

    It'd be pretty easy to skin to emulate devices, just we can't include the actual look for copyright reasons I believe.
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    are these things still manufactured? Just curious, I've never used one but all the nerds I knew in the 80s were all about them.

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